Friday, 13 December 2013

Love is a four letter word, but so is shit.

When a girl lets you in, she lets you in completely and utterly, she'll share with you the deepest corners of her mind that she pushed so far back it seems unreal just taking those words out of her mouth. It could take days, months or even years for a girl to fully put her trust in someone. But like everything else nowadays, the word is overused and abused. 

If somebody trusts you, it could be for anything. A secret, a wish, a promise even a job. If there's one thing that I’ve learnt from my experience of "trust" is to trust no one. And I mean this with all my heart. When you trust somebody they have the potential to hurt you, expose you and belittle you as a person. 
So why would you bother giving your trust to someone? My ears have grown tired from men and women telling me the same stories. "Why did I tell him that?" and "I can't believe I ever trusted her". Too many tears have been wept, too many hearts have been broken of the people that I hold dear. 

When I say trust no one I do only mean when you meet them at first, if someone is asking you personal questions, do not feel like you have to answer them. This person has done nothing to deserve your trust, they could be a shoulder to cry on but they could just as easily spit on your grave. There is a thin line between respect and trust.. You respect a stranger, but you wouldn't give them you credit card details. There must be more recognition for this.

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